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Development of Integrated Xylarium Bogoriense Database
Previously, the Xylarium Bogoriense database was fragmented into several databases such as the National Timber Collection; Overseas Wood Collection; Wood Specimen Location/Address
Reconstruction of the PayPal Service of the IAWA Website
The old IAWA website for transferring money via PayPal (credit card) will soon be restructured. The website address will remain the same, but will have a completely different look. Ingrid de Kort and Cees Lut
New Biodiversity Pavilion at Mexico’s National Autonomous University
Call for contributions of stunning photos of growth rings and their diversity for a dendrochronology exhibition!
IAWA officially became an IUBS Affiliate Member
On July 27th, 2021, IAWA was formally notified of its Affiliate Membership of IUBS (International Union of Biological Sciences). The benefits for IAWA include enhancing the visibility of IAWA activities in the international field of biologic
New Journal on Wood Culture
One of these days the World Wood Day Foundation and International Wood Culture Society are launching the International Journal of Wood Culture ( IJWC) to be published on-line in Open Access and in hard copy by Brill.
Audit Report of IAWA Finances 2019 and 2020
On 19 May 2021, the IAWA Audit Committee composed of Renee Klaassen and Leen van den Oever, scrutinised the financial accounts of 2019 and 2020.
The 2nd Q-NET workshop webinar, May 19th, 2021
The second virtual Q-NET workshop took place on May 19th, 2021, and was titled “A journey through QWA with stopovers”, where QWA means quantitative wood anatomy.
The 2020 impact factor of IAWA Journal is released
On June 30, 2021, Clarivate released the impact factors of scientific journals for 2020.
IUFRO Annual Report 2020 highlights its collaboration with IAWA
The IUFRO Annual Report 2020 has been released on May 18th, 2021. The active collaboration of IAWA with IUFRO
Japanese version of IAWA List of Microscopic Bark Features was published
Japanese version of IAWA List of Microscopic Bark Features (Angyalossi et al. 2016), translated by Yuzou Sano, Arata Yoshinaga and Satoshi Nakaba, was published by Kaiseisha Press on March 5, 2021.
Next International Botanical Congress (IBC) in Madrid, Spain, 2024
We learned from the International Association of Botanical and Mycological Societies (IABMS), that due to the serious COVID situation in Brazil
IAWA officially became an IAWS Affiliate Member
On April 6th, IAWA was formally notified to become an IAWS (International Academy of Wood Science) Affiliate Member.
IAWS Call for PhD Dissertation Award to June 30, 2021
The International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) wishes to provide recognition to outstanding dissertation research at the PhD level by students throughout the world.
Field Identification Manual for Ghanaian Timbers was Published
Field Identification Manual for Ghanaian Timbers, edited by Rafael Arévalo, Emmanuel Ebanyenle, Alberta Asi Ebeheakey, Kofi Abban Bonsu, Ophilious Lambog, Richard Soares
New Postdoc Position in Wood Identification of Oregon State University
The US Forest Service Wood Identification & Screening Center (WISC) at Oregon State University invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships in stable isotope
International Summer School on Wood and Charcoals will be held on June 21-25 2021
The Summer School Wood and charcoals in Mediterranean Forest ecology: anatomical identification and functional traits to interpret past and current climate changes will be held on June 21-25, 2021, in a hybrid in-presence/on-line formula.
Request for duplicate wood samples from Romania
The Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering from Brasov (Romania) is one of the flagship faculties in forestry.
New Members Elected to IAWA Council (2021-2023)
The election of IAWA Council members (2021-2023) was completed by the IAWA Executive Secretary office in accordance with the IAWA Constitution
New postdoc position in wood anatomy of Puerto Rican trees
A new postdoc position on wood anatomy in Bob Muscarella’s lab is open for application, and the project is on wood anatomy of tropical angiosperm trees in Puerto Rico.
The 7th IAWA-China Group Annual Meeting at Lin-an, China, November 28-29, 2020
The seventh annual meeting of IAWA-China Group was held at Lin-an city, Hangzhou, China on November 28-29, 2020, organized by the Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University