With the authorization and help of IAWA, the IAWA list of microscopic features for softwood identification in the Serbian language was compiled by Dr. Milan Gavrilović and Prof. Dr. Pedja Janaćković from the Department of Morphology and Systematics of Plants, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Biology, Serbia, and recently published in September 2023.

As IAWA lists (1989, 2004, and 2016) represent an internationally recognized and widely used relevant literature on wood anatomy, it is necessary to complement the existing Serbian literature on wood anatomy by translating all three IAWA lists, starting with the translation of softwood. The main aim of this Serbian edition is to publish internationally recognized terms and definitions in the Serbian language in order to make them accessible and understandable to a wider range of readers. At the beginning of this IAWA list we listed synonyms of all terms that are in use in the available Serbian literature on wood anatomy.

Translated and adapted to Serbian terminology, this IAWA list is primarily intended for students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, but also for students of related faculties (Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Agronomy), as well as experts and specialists who are dealing with various aspects of conifer wood anatomy.

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Dragica Vilotić and Prof. Dr. Nebojša Todorović from the Faculty of Forestry - University of Belgrade, who did professional proofreading and whose advice and suggestions improved the quality of the translation. Also, many thanks to Serbian proofreader Vesna Kalabić, without whose help this text would not be as it is.

Milan Gavrilović and Pedja Janaćković, Serbia