FOFIFA-DRFGRN – Herbarium TEF DRFGRN, Antananarivo

The xylarium was founded in 1948 and contains 9,288 specimens covering 848 species and 393 genera, which represents Madagascar native species. About 57% of the specimens have herbarium vouchers. Visit the website:

Timber Library, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan

The xylarium was founded in 1962 and contains about 2,500 specimens of 400 genera and 5,000 slides, which represents the tree species of Nigeria. All collections of wood have herbarium vouchers and are lodged in the Forest Herbarium Ibadan (FHI). Visit the website:

Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, Kumasi

The xylarium was founded in 1965 and contains 883 specimens of 276 genera and 436 slides. The Forestry Research institute of Ghana has a herbarium department which contains some vouchers of most Ghanaian trees. Visit the website:

South African Forestry Research Institute Wood Collection, Pretoria

The xylarium was founded in 1899 by conservator Western Conservancy and continued in 1929 by Forest Products Institute. It has 5,055 specimens and 1,670 slides specified in South Africa, and most local collections since 1968 accompanied by herbarium vouchers. Visit the website:

Note: Please refer to Index Xylariorum 4.1 for more information.