The GTTN [Global Timber Tracking Network] phase II kick-off meeting was held in Bonn on 15-16 February, hosted at the premises of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In total 32 people participated from 21 organizations, from 12 countries; 11 participants represented the supply side of timber tracking services, and10 participants represented the actual and potential customer base for such services.IAWA and IAWA-WRAITH (wood anatomy) was represented by Dr. Peter Gasson andDr. Gerald Koch.
The first part of the meeting started with a review of GTTN phase I activities, followed by presentations on the progress with the development of the available wood identificationmethodologies, and presentations on the actual and potential application inreal-life business and law enforcement. The second part of the meeting introducedGTTN phase II objectives, activities, modes of interaction and organisational setup.Breakout discussions focused on the key GTTN activities: standardisation of methods,development of an expert and service portfolio, development of a referencedatabase and promotion of timber tracking tools.
GTTN is now also identifying experts interested in cooperation in phase II. Through the ‘GTTN Expert Identification Survey’ you can help shape the GTTN working groupsin terms of working group membership and thematic. The survey can be accessed via:
Jo Van Brusselen and Gerald Koch, Germany