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First Sherwin Carlquist Awards 2022
At the second online IAWA Youth Forum on 10 December 2022, organised by the IAWA China Group and the South China Agricultural University, the first Sherwin Carquist awards were selected by an international group of five judges.
I.W. Bailey Award 2023 - Call for Nominations
I.W. Bailey Award 2023 is calling for Nominations. From 2014 onwards, the I.W. Bailey Award is presented annually for the best original
In Memoriam Professor Walter Liese
When we finalized this Newsletter Dr. Gerald Koch informed us that Professor Walter Liese (Hamburg, Germany) passed away on 24 February at the age of 97. His great services to Tree Biology, Forestry, Wood Science, Wood ultrastructure and Bam
The 9th IAWA-China Group Annual Meeting and 2022 International Youth Forum for Wood Anatomy, Dec. 10t
The 9th IAWA – China Group Annual Meeting and 2022 International Youth Forum for Wood Anatomy were held online on December 10-11, 2022, sponsored by IAWA – China Group
Wood Anatomy Workshop in Réunion, France, October 17th - 25th, 2022
A cameral wood anatomical workshop was conducted by Kamil Frankiewicz of South African Biodiversity Institute and University of Cape Town, at the Agrocampus (University of La Runion) in Saint-Pierre on the paradise island of La Runion
IAWA Symposium at the 22nd Mexican Botanical Congress in Puebla, Mexico, on September 25th - 30th, 20
The XXII Mexican Botanical Congress was held in the beautiful city of Puebla in the Puebla State. Puebla is well-known for its colonial architecture and its Talavera pottery. The state is also notorious for its contrasting vegetation
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Candidates may nominate their own submissions directly to the editors (c/o ), together with a one page cv, and one supporting statement from a senior IAWA Member before September 1st of the current year. Submissions
The Database of macroHOLZdata is Free and Available in German, English, and Spanish from August, 202
The knowledge about recognition and utilization of the most important internationally traded timbers is of prime importance to forestry and wood industry as well as timber trade and even control authorities.
Wood Anatomy of the Sapindaceae (1999) is available on the web
Suggested by Elisabeth Wheeler, a PDF copy of IAWA Journal Supplement 2 (1999) - Wood Anatomy of the Sapindaceae, authored by Rene Klaassen, has been scanned and now is available on the website.
Anatomical Database and Atlas of Chinese Woods was Published on June 30, 2022
The Anatomical Database and Atlas of Chinese Woods by Takao Itoh, Biao Pan, Yuzou Sano and Pieter Baas et al. was officially published on June 30, 2022. This publication is an important landmark in the wood anatomical literature.
The 2021 impact factor of IAWA Journal is released on June 28th, 2022
On June 28th, 2022, Clarivate released the impact factors of scientific journals for 2021. The impact factor of IAWA Journal, sponsored by the International Association of Wood Anatomists, is 2.987 in 2021.
Training course on Tropical Timber Identification Methodologies, May 9-13, 2022, Brasilia, Brazil
The Bioamazon Project, in partnership with the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB), the Forest Products Laboratory (LPF) and the NIRS ID Project (CITES CTSP Programm)
Side Event on Xylarium Networking and Wood Identification of the XV World Forestry Congress, Seoul, M
The Side Event on Xylarium Networking and Wood Identification of the XV World Forestry Congress was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, with a simultaneous online conference
New Interactive Identification Key for Brazilian Commercial Timbers: A tool against illegal deforesta
Brazil has the most considerable diversity of timber-producing species in the world. It has more than eight thousand tree species in forests. The country is one of the essential timber growers worldwide and contributes to the development
Carlquist Special Issue to be Published in 2023
This is a call for proposals for papers for a special issue of the IAWA Journal commemorating the career of Sherwin Carlquist (1930-2021).
IAWA Financial Audit 2021
On 6 April the IAWA Audit Committee composed of René Klaassen and Leen van den Oever scrutinised the financial records over the fiscal year 2021 of the IAWA accounts in Leiden, Madison
IW Bailey Award 2021
The recipient of the 2021 IW Bailey award is Shohei Yamagishi, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University awarded for his paper entitled: Artifactual lipid coatings on intervessel pit membranes in dried xylem tissues of some
In Memoriam Emma E. van Nieuwkoop
Emma van Nieuwkoop (for friends Emmy) passed away at her home in Oegstgeest on 12 January 2022 at the age of 88. Emma's role in the IAWA started in 1977 when the IAWA Office had moved from Syracuse
The updated web page of the 2022 WWD Online Symposium
The updated web page of the 2022 WWD online symposium with the logo and website link of IAWA is now available by clicking
Dr. Sherwin Carlquist in Memoriam
The IAWA morns the recent loss of Dr. Sherwin Carlquist, age 91, one of the largest exponents in Plant Anatomy and arguably the greatest wood anatomist of our times.